Pearls - Perhaps The best-loved Gems Of All Time.

Style Guide - Ways To Wear Pearls In Any Occasion.

Photo, by Olha Ivanova.

A symbol of power and wealth

Pearls rank among the most popular gems in the world. Nowadays, pearl jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit classic and modern tastes. They make perfect complements to flashier gems. Yet, they also possess an elegance that can shine alone. Of course, their distinctive appearance and watery origins have inspired pearl symbolism and lore for centuries.

​​Pearl is an organic creation found in the sea, a natural phenomena that actually occurs as part of the defense mechanism of a mollusc shell.

Fashion Tips. Wearing Pearls.

PEARLS are Classy and Chic but today you can Wear Pearls Anytime, Anywhere!

Pearls have always been a perfect choice for any formal occasion. It is a classic choice for accessorizing at a formal event. But, this is the time to have fun with your accessories. Experiment with charms. who wants to look “classic” these days? Add some style to your outfit with a gold and pearl jewelry ensemble for a little flare.

#Pendants and pearls work really well together.

Opt for a piece that feels wearable, like a simple gold necklace, combined with the easy

elegance of a pearl choker necklace to seamlessly pair with your go-to stack.

Bianco Jewelry | Lexie Choker Necklace, Lexie choker features high quality natural freshwater pearl nuggets wrapped in a handcrafted beaded-rosary style necklace.

Lexie Choker Necklace

Material: Natural freshwater pearls
Plating:18k gold plating
Stones: Freshwater pearls
Pendant:No pendant
Chain: Brass rosary chain
Care: Avoid all water, cosmetics, perfume
Lexie choker features high quality natural freshwater pearl nuggets wrapped in a handcrafted beaded-rosary style necklace. A sparkling piece perfect for layering.

Doro Coin Necklace

This is a dainty double sided 18k gold filled coin pendant features Saint Benedict, suspended on a dainty 18k gold filled dot chain.

#Mix your Pearl Bracelets for A Personilized Touch.

The mixed-media approach to pearl jewelry offers a modern spin on a classic by pairing it back to a variety of other gemstones and beads; plus, it allows you an opportunity to showcase your creativity for a personalized touch.

#Pearls on clothes, shoes, and every fashion accessory you can think of.

The most common idea is putting them as buttons on a shirt, sweater, or dress. Since irregular shape and colour pearls are trending, if you put them on, let’s say, a plain white shirt, they’ll transform the shirt’s look. Colours will make it pop, and odd shapes will make it look more artsy and edgy. also, we have purses, belts, (sun)glasses, and hair accessories that are oozing pearls.

Mix and Match With Your Favorite Accessories

No matter what outfit or which way, you choose to wear your pearls with,

you’ll look and feel amazing. Somehow, pearls just manage to make you feel just a little bit more feminine and sophisticated.


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